iPhone 4 Signal Problems

Reports of the iPhone 4 having signal problems are starting to arrive according to BGR. iPhone 4 users mention today that when picking up their iPhone 4 the signal drops, perhaps due to holding on to the antenna.

We just got back from the Apple [AAPL] store with our iPhone 4 (read the iPhone 4 review later today) and have to agree that when holding the phone it is common to see the no service or searching message. After putting the phone down the signal strength jumps back to 3 or 4 bars (for the area I am in).

Some users are suggesting that putting the iPhone 4 in a case might be one good way of solving the problem although we hope a firmware fix will arrive soon to some how fix the problem.

It’s a shame really as the new antennae on the device were designed to give a stronger signal… however, there is no real different that I have personally seen when comparing the iPhone 4 to 3GS which also lost signal the same way for me.

When reviewing the iPhone 4 later today, I’ll test with a couple of different micro SIM cards to see if there is a difference when using other networks.


  1. collapsibletank says

    I have been told to toggle 3G off in the settings. This prevents the phone from dropping a good 2G signal to struggle with a flimsy 3G signal. Works very well. Just manually toggle it back on when necessary.

    (NB Clearly this is NOT GOOD ENOUGH Apple! But this is a good workaround.)

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