iPhone 4 Short Film Captured and Edited with iMovie

The iPhone 4 has quite an amazing camera for a smartphone. It’s both responsive and can capture HD video at 720p. Mixed with iMovie, you have an amazing HD video editing package.

The movie below was captured and edited with only an iPhone 4 for the camera and editing tools. The video is captured in HD 720p and was edited and uploaded to Vimeo in HD.

Many people have been skeptical of this, and whilst the iPhone 4²s video camera feature seems pretty good, we didn’t think it would be capable of shooting and editing a movie in good enough quality until we saw this short film by Michael Koerbel called ˜Apple of My Eye An iPhone 4 film.

The quality for a camera phone is quite amazing, as is the editing on the iPhone 4 too. We just downloaded iMovie and will be testing later this week to see if we can come up with some good results.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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