iPhone 4 Screen vs Sharp IS03 ASV Display

The Sharp IS03 ASV display was only just announced in the last few days. An interesting bit of information reveals that it has a resolution that matches that of the iPhone 4 retina display. The resolution is 960 x 480 pixels. The iPhone 4 screen is slightly different in that it runs with IPS technology.

Engadget put up a side by side comparison to show what the screens look like whilst sat next to each other. No discernible difference was noticed from what they say with each screen being bright and crisp and viewable from various angles.

So, it seems like this isn’t really possible to call. Whats more interesting is that another company has built a high res display to match the iPhone retina display. Lets just hope other companies follow and move new devices to the higher quality screens.


  1. If you think buy this device…read for more details….SHARP don t support phone users for OFFICIAL UPDATE OF ANDROID SYSTEM…The device is locked the you can t root for update by own…Look for something not is japanese brand…like SAMSUNG GALAXY as can rooted easily;…To buy a lock phone is best you took the IPHONE by APPLE….

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