iPhone 4 Returns have Restocking Fee Wavered

When returning the iPhone to an Apple [AAPL] store, you would normally incur a 10% restocking fee. However, it seems like this restocking fee is being waved for the iPhone 4. The information comes from the letter that Apple published yesterday that says users can take their iPhone 4 back for “a full refund” within 30 days of purchase. Normally you’d be charged $19.90 to return the 16GB model and $29.90 for the larger 32GB model.

ComputerWorld contacted an AppleCare support rep who confirmed the ditching of the restocking fee.

Apple tried to dismiss the problems and mentioned that the signal bar on the iPhone 4 (and other generations) was using the wrong calculation to show bars. Basically if the phone is showing 5 bars it could actually be only 1 bar and when holding the iPhone 4 in a 1 bar area it would be easy to lose signal. The way Apple calculate it now makes it seem like 5 bars is dropping to zero which actually doesn’t happen when in good signal strength areas.

Either way, Apple is now letting users return their iPhone 4 for a full refund which from what we have heard in the comments also lets you cancel the contract you entered in to with AT&T.

Do you have problems with your iPhone 4? or is the reception/transmission problem being blown out of proportion?


  1. Michael Clark says

    Too bad, iPhone 4 has too many problems and bugs….. =(

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