iPhone 4 Repair Manual Uploaded

The Apple [AAPL] launch of the iPhone 4 appeared to be a huge success last week in terms of how many units were shifted. Over 600,000 pre-orders were taken on day one with Apple stores having large queues of people wanting to collect the new smartphone.

There have been reports of people dropping and smashing the glass on their new phones though, so iFixit has decided to upload a handy repair manual for the iPhone 4 to help users fix their own phone rather than sending it off to Apple (if warranty doesn’t cover the breakages).

iFixit uploaded 10 step-by-step guides which cover the following repairs…

iPhone 4 Repair Manuals

iPhone 4 Battery replacement
iPhone 4 Dock Connector replacement
iPhone 4 Front Facing Camera replacement
iPhone 4 front panel assembly
iPhone 4 Home Button replacement
iPhone 4 Logic Board replacement
iPhone 4 Rear camera replacement
iPhone 4 Rear Panel replacement
iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure replacement
iPhone 4 Vibrator replacement

Each of the instructions tell you the exact tools you need to open up the iPhone 4 correctly, so make sure you follow them exactly as to not further damage your iPhone 4.

Of course it’s always best to be careful with your iPhone 4 and not drop it in the first place. Many things break when dropping them and the iPhone 4 can be one of them depending on where, how and what it lands on. If you find your iPhone 4 cannot be replaced by Apple then perhaps these ten handy guides above will help you fix the problems.

All the guides can be found at iFixit.

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