iPhone 4 Recall Fake Message Fools the Daily Mail

The iPhone 4 launch was last week and the same day of launch revealed a few problems with the reception whereby if you hold the phone in your left hand, it bridges the gap on two antennae making the signal drop in bad coverage areas.

The Fake Steve Jobs twitter announced that an iPhone 4 recall would probably happen and by doing this the Daily Mail in the UK decided to report that the iPhone 4 was being recalled to fix the reception issues. The problem here is that on Twitter, the Fake Steve Jobs account, AKA ceoSteveJobs is labelled as being a parody account as seen in the Bio in the sidebar…

Bio I don’t care what you think of me. You care what I think of you. Of course this is a parody account.

So, there is no official announcement just yet of an iPhone 4 recall and we doubt one will actually happen. Although the iPhone 4 does lose signal in bad quality areas, overall the signal quality has increased. It is also believed that an iOS update is launching early this week to address some calibration and lag issues when the iPhone 4 switches between frequencies. It is not known for sure if this will happen at all, or if it will fix the problems, but overall the iPhone 4 does get a better signal than previous devices and when in a good coverage area there are no problems holding the iPhone 4 whatever way you want.

Daily Mail has since pulled the story.

Via: Mashable and The Guardian

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