iPhone 4 Orders Prepare for Shipping

For those who have ordered an iPhone 4 to arrive this Thursday June 24, the orders are now being prepared for shipping. It is expected that the first batch of iPhone 4’s are already in transit. Don’t get too excited that it’s coming early though as Apple [AAPL] usually ask the shipping companies such as UPS and FedEx, to keep hold of the new products until the official launch date.

Some people have been reporting that their orders are getting cancelled though, with emails supposedly coming from Apple and AT&T which indicate the orders haven’t gone through due to not being able to verify and authorise the order. It isn’t clear what the reason for the authorisation problems are, but it could be bad credit rating, error on the address or simply a lack of stock.

If you haven’t pre-ordered an iPhone 4 yet then the current shipping date is July 14 for those in the US and also the same for new UK pre-orders.


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