iPhone 4 Leica Camera Design

When the Apple iPhone 4 was first revealed a few months back, Steve Jobs described the iPhone as being like a Leica camera. This inspired one guy to look up what a Leica camera was and then adapt an image and resize it so it could be printed out and attached to the back of an iPhone 4.

By adjusting an image of a Leica M8 and resizing it to the size of an iPhone 4, Rapahel Salgado of BeyondTheTech managed to print out a Leica camera with the flash and camera aligned with the flash on the iPhone 4 as described below…

I took the image and with the magic and efficiency of Photoshop, I proportioned it to the dimensions of the iPhone 4, stretching a few things around, especially to accommodate the place where the rear camera and LED flash would line up. I also removed the “M8” model name and replaced it with an “iP 4” as well as the Leica name to Apple. Lastly, I changed where it said “LEICA” in the lens to “IPHONE.”

I printed it out from my Canon photo printer and cut it so it lined up nicely in the inside of the Griffin Reveal’s clear backside, used an Exacto knife to cut out the rear camera and LED flash area, and topped the edges with a black permanent marker to hide the edges of white photo paper.

The results are seen below and actually don’t look to bad. Check out MacRumors for the details on how to create it.

Via: Unplggd

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