iPhone 4 Jailbreak Wont Come From Geohot as He Retires from the Scene

Over the weekend Geohot (George Hotz) write a post titled just “Meh” showing an iPhone 4 jailbreak, ie the iPhone 4 running Cydia. We now see that Geohot has closed his blog off and made it a members only place requiring that those who want access get invited.

George updated the latest post on his blog with the following statement last night…

Sorry, this post was probably a bad idea. Next time I won’t say anything. I miss when this blog was actually about technical things(I’ve been reacting too much to the feedback, which led it to the place it’s in now). I didn’t fully realize most of the current scene don’t care unless they are getting something. Now I do. It’s late tonight, I’ll think about what to do about this in the morning.

The real reason behind no release isn’t technical. It’s just that it will never stop, after blackra1n, people demand unlock, after blacksn0w, people demand untethered. I miss the days when jailbreaking and unlocking were difficult, it attracted a much higher caliber crowd. Also, to the haters, the picture is quite obviously fake.

It’s a shame he is pulling out although if he has lost interest then that’s good for him for making the change. We still have other options in the pipe line, so a jailbreak and unlock isn’t out of the question for iPhone 4.

This information also came from twitter after he made his blog for registered users only…

i was just having fun but some people had to take this all way too seriously. it’s just a phone, and it isn’t much fun anymore.

my bio isn’t “iPhone hacker” it was just something i did occasionally when i was bored. seriously, i think many of you care way more than me

it was a cool ride, and i’ve learned a lot about a lot. perhaps one of these days i’ll do a more formal goodbye.

Via: Redmond Pie

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