iPhone 4 Jailbreak Could be Causing iOS 4.0.1 Delays

The new iOS 4.0.1 (or whatever it’s called) could be delayed due to the iOS 4 jailbreak that is pending release.

It appears that Apple [AAPL] need a little more time to figure out the security hole to prevent the jailbreak from working. The information doesn’t come from an official source though and instead comes from a tweet of someone who spoke to an Apple [AAPL] store worker…

Guy in Apple Lakeside seems 2 think 4.0.1 is delayed as they r doing a fix 2 stop jailbreak that they have found. Dunno if true?

When Apple announced the new iOS release last week, they didn’t give a specific time for the launch and simply said it was a few weeks away. Perhaps what we are hearing from a staff member of an Apple store is just his take on what’s happening as I doubt Apple HQ would inform staff why they were holding back. In saying that, a second Tweet from a different person also provides the same information.

Sportycos @TaimurAsad @chpwn I can confirm this in a way. That store is near where I live. A friend of mine works there and told me the same.

Either way, MuscleNerd recently said in a tweet that he has a number of tricks to jailbreak the device, so if Apple block one way I’m sure another will be found soon after.

Via: Redmond Pie

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