New iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 Hit Testing Stage

BGR has heard a couple of interesting things recently that indicate a second model of the iPhone 4 has just hit AP testing while the iPhone 5 has supposedly hit the EVT stage. We’ll explain in a moment what that means.

The new iPhone 4 is codenamed 3,2 and is believed to be a CDMA version of the phone that will allow it to land on networks such as Verizon [VZ]. The AP stage is the very last stage of testing before a product goes to the manufacturer ready for release.

BGR point out 3 scenarios which reveal that the phone could be compatible with all networks and include a SIM card. The next scenario is that the phone isn’t CDMA at all, but instead is a hardware variation (perhaps to secure potential jailbreak holes) but also fix the antenna issue that some users reposted (OK, many users). The final scenario is relating to CDMA again but this time it has a SIM slot to be compatible with roaming in other countries. This last stage doesn’t seem like an Apple sort of thing to do.

Next up, we hear that the iPhone 5 has hit the EVT stage which is the engineering verification test phase prior to the DVT phase.

We’ll find out more in the next few months about where Apple is headed with a CDMA device, or a new redesign.

Via: BGR

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