iPhone 4 iMovie Details Arrive

Details of iMovie for iPhone 4 have been revealed.

Last week when the iPhone 4 was announced by Apple [AAPL], a demonstration of iMovie was presented. The iMovie applications lets iPhone 4 users edit HD video and create themes, transitions, titles and other features beyond the usual editing that we normally see on a smartphone.

Although the demonstration showed some impressive features, there are still some unknowns to iMovie such as the compatibility with an older iPhone. TidBits managed to get some information from Apple regarding the new features and how it will work, what it will work on and so forth.

First off, iMovie for iPhone 4 is just for iPhone 4. It obviously needs iOS 4 to run and the iPhone 4 comes standard with that OS installed. This means that it wont be compatible with the iPhone 3G or 3GS. This is due to the new processor being used in the iPhone 4 and the extra power it has. iMovie will not work on the Apple iPad and cannot be scaled. It is believed that this is to do with the resolution changes. However, this doesn’t mean the app wont arrive on the iPad at a later date. Obviously there is no camera on the iPad, but you can still transfer video on to it and it would make a very cool video editing device.

Projects edited on the iPhone cannot be transferred to iMovie for the Mac just yet. They can be exported through iTunes though.

It is expected that iMovie will use the camera roll videos as well as videos emailed that have had the attachments saved. Compatibility would obviously be needed with the H.264 standard.

The iMovie iPhone 4 all is launching on the same day as the iPhone – ie, June 24.

When launched the iMovie app will cost $4.99.

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