iPhone 4 Gresso Case Replaces Glass with Wood

For those who have an iPhone 4, the biggest worry is dropping it. Due to the tension on the back sheet of glass and no real protection it easily shatters. Gresso has created a luxury back cover for the iPhone 4 that is made of 200 year old African Blackwood along with 18K gold detailing. The back cover aims to make your iPhone 4 look a little different although it isn’t clear if the wood used is a replacement or cover for the current glass used.

Either way, it should add a little bit of protection to your iPhone 4.

Two versions are being created. The first is for women and contains an Apple logo in 18K gold along with Swarovski crystals. This version costs $3500, so dropping it really isn’t an option anyway.

The other version for men drops the crystals and just has the wood back with Apple logo and costs $3000. It is expected that the new iPhone 4 collection will be made available in December this year. More details available at Gresso.

Via: Born Rich


  1. Have you approached them about it?

  2. Now we can all live the wood life… JackBacks are a little less than $3000 and loof and feel awesome!
    check em out, let me know what ya think 😉

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