iPhone 4 FaceTime Works on in-flight Wi-Fi

FaceTime currently works on the in-flight Wi-Fi service on American Airlines. A test call was made by Bill G, a TUAW reader, while flying over Arkansas.

The embedded video below shows the quality of the video call which is surprisingly good. The video portion of the call does flake out a little towards the end of the video, but overall the video was smooth and the audio went without problems throughout the duration of the test call.

After this report has now been published, it isn’t clear if in-flight wi-fi services will start to block the service like they do with VoIP calls. As FaceTime is new and this could be one of the first times it has been tested from a plane to the ground, we could see the companies who run the Wi-Fi service start to put a system in place on their routers that blocks the FaceTime calls going through. In other words, if you want to make a video call from a plan, the best time is now before WiFi companies respond.

The video below shows the quality of the call being made…

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