iPhone 4 Dual-SIM Card Adapter Case

Most cases are designed for the sole purpose of protecting a smartphone from getting scratched. This latest case for the iPhone 4 has a second function. That is to provide an area to hold a pair of SIM cards allowing the iPhone 4 to be used with dual SIM cards rather than a single SIM card.

To get the dual SIM cards connected to the iPhone 4 a ribbon cable is provided that you insert in to the microSIM slot. This then folds around the back of the iPhone 4 to a place where the case holds them in to position.

The adapter provides a way to switch between SIM cards without switching the iPhone 4 off which is handy for times when you want to use more data for example, or switch to a SIM card that has more text messages available.

Prise wise, it costs $28.99 and is available from USB Fever.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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