iPhone 4 Could Get Siri Officially

Although the iPhone 4S was the only device to ship with Siri, we are now hearing rumours that Apple [AAPL] could launch Siri for the iPhone 4.

The information comes from a source close to Apple according to JailbreakNation, who said Apple is currently testing Siri on the iPhone 4. Although only the iPhone 4 was mentioned, we suspect they are also testing a version on the iPad 2 and possibly the original iPad.

It is believed that some Apple employees are running a version of iOS 5 that allows the iPhone 4 to work with Siri.

It is believed that the iPhone 4S had an exclusive on Siri as to boost sales of the device. As the 4S wasn’t the big change that many expected, Siri was sold as one of the key features. We’ve seen from jailbreakers and developers that running Siri on the iPhone 4 is possible and that it runs well, so perhaps Apple will switch it on.

Thinking about it, it does make sense for Apple to allow Siri on a number of devices. If they are headed in the direction of voice then they’ll want to bring it to the iPad, iPhone 4 as well as the Mac. We’ve also heard rumours of it coming to the Apple TV (iTV).

As with all things Apple, this could either be entirely untrue and the source could be wrong. If he is correct then it will have to pass the scrutiny of Apple leadership to see if it performs as expected.

We doubt Apple will sneak a Siri update in to iOS 5.0.1 other than the Australian changes that are being made, but perhaps we might see it moved on to other devices by the time iOS 5.1 launches.

Via: UberGizmo

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