iPhone 4 Catches on Fire

One user unluckily had their iPhone 4 set on fire when trying to connect the docking cable. The image here shows the damage what was done to the cable and the iPhone 4.

It appears that the issue was caused due to a problem with the USB port rather than a user error which is a little worrying. Hopefully this is just a one off incident as the user who’s iPhone 4 went up in flames around the port also had his hand burned.

When the user took the phone back to AT&T [T] to replace, it was out of stock so it is believed the customer will have to wait a little while to get a new handset replacement.

So far, this is the only incident of an iPhone 4 setting on fire by it’s self. We have seen an iPhone 4 torched to death, but that was on purpose. After seeing this it’s making me want to be especially careful when charging my iPhone 4.

Via: BGR

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