iPhone 4 Camera Sample Pics Revealed

The iPhone 4 launch is happening this coming week. Part of the new iPhone 4 is the camera that has been upgraded to include a higher resolution sensor at 5 megapixels along with backside illumination and an LED flash. We have previously seen sample pictures from the camera, but these were taken under perfect lighting situations and only show what is possible when used correctly, ie – your actual pictures might not look as good in all situations.

Some people managed to somehow get hold of an iPhone 4 and capture some images with it. The image samples captured measure 2592 x 1936 with the video sample being captured at 1280 x 720 HD 720p.

The video sample can be seen below with a sample image below that and more samples over at jablickar.

Full image can be seen at the link above.

Although the images are not as clear as the samples used on the Apple [AAPL] site, the quality is certainly impressive and a big improvement over the previous iPhone generations.

Via: Gizmodo

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