iPhone 4 Bumpers Being Automatically Refunded

If you purchased an iPhone 4 bumper from Apple [AAPL], you should be getting an email through soon that informs you that a refund is being processed.

For those who have purchased an iPhone 4 bumper case, the refunds will all happen automatically from what we understand. For those who haven’t purchased a bumper case yet, you will be entitled to a free bumper or similar case depending on stocks. This promise runs for a few months till September 30 where it will be re-evaluated.

Apple is expected to announce today how users can get hold of a free iPhone case for their new iPhone 4. Currently on the Apple site the bumper is listed with a zero price tag, but doesn’t give you the option of grabbing one. A notice does say that an announcement will be made soon.

Earlier this week Apple mentioned in an earnings report that it was expected the free iPhone 4 case solution would cost them $175 Million which is far cheaper than the $1.5 billion + that was expected if Apple were to recall the phone.

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