iPhone 4 Bumper Could be Killed Off at iPhone 5 Announcement

The iPhone 4 bumper case seemed to be a convenient way to fix the antenna problem of the Apple smartphone. The case is designed to wrap around the edges of the device and protect it from surface scratches due to lifting the glass slightly off the table. By wrapping all the way around, the antenna covered up the small gap on the bottom left corner which in turn, prevented signal drop. Note that this is actually a common problem on other smartphones and not just the iPhone 4 that struggles with it.

We now hear that as the iPhone 5 release date is officially announced we might also see the iPhone 4 bumper dropped from Apple stores.

What’s interesting to note with this possibility is that Apple could use the same design as the iPhone 4, perhaps making an iPhone 4S which could make the bumper still handy for some. So, have Apple found a way to protect the antenna from dropping signal when held? We’ve also heard that the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 could be dropped and replaced by a single 8GB model, perhaps with a tweaked antenna. If this is the case then a bumper wont be needed.

No clear details have been announced though, but we might see the end of the bumper within the next few weeks.


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