iPhone 4 gets Augmented Reality Football App

Augmented reality has been showing up more often this year. The idea behind it is that the camera on your iPhone or any other phone streams live video from the camera to the screen and the software augments the footage to include information to the user. The system can be used for satnav, driving safety and for fixing car engines to name a few things.

The latest version we have come across is called ARFootball. The ARFootball application is a game that you can play where you hold the phone down towards your feet and kick up a virtual football.

The game is simple in it’s idea and lets you juggle the ball between both feet. The application has different levels of difficulty along with two versions which include a free play mode and an arcade mode.

The game it’s self only works on iPhones with iOS 4 installed and costs 59p from that app store. Check out the video below to see the ARFootball app in action.

The app is available to download from the App store.

Via: Gadget Lite

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