iPhone 4 Antenn-Aid

Apple [AAPL] confirmed they would be giving iPhone 4 users free cases to prevent signal drop caused by holding the phone in the bottom left corner.

A company has quickly stepped up to offer antenn-aid. The new band-aids are used to stick on the bottom corner of your iPhone 4 and cover the gap where “x-marks the spot”.

The downside is that the company who make it (an Etsy seller), do not guarantee it will fix the problems and seems more like it’s a “just for fun” product.

Antenn-aid is a custom-sized vinyl sticker for your iPhone 4. It’s designed to be placed over the lower left corner of the antenna. It may improve signal performance*

You get one of each stylish color, for a total of 6 Antenn-aids! Gray, light-gray, green, blue, peach, purple.

If you are going to purchase one then there’s just 80 in stock which is down from about 30 minutes ago when we first loaded up the Etsy store.

Remember it might not do anything though, so don’t think you found a unique way of fixing the problems any time soon. We recommend that you look out for Apple announcing that you can now order your free case later on this week.

Via: TechNaBob

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