iPhone 4 16GB Model Estimated at $187.51 to Build

According to iSuppli, the company who estimate the build prices of smartphones and other devices, estimate that the iPhone 4 16GB model costs $187.51 to built. This puts the build price at more than the DROID and more than the previous iPhone 3GS model. The screen is believed to increase the costs a little.

It is expected that the 3.5 inch Retina display costs $28.50 per unit with the A4 processor built by Samsung costing $10.75. The new Gyro chip costs $2.60.

Of course iSuppli wont know the full details of how much each screen costs as huge bulk orders need to be taken in to consideration and Apple [AAPL] will have worked with the suppliers to figure out a price.

Other factors not taken in to consideration includes the research to develop the phone, marketing and other costs involved in the production.

It’s certainly interesting though to get an estimate as to how much things actually cost to build when taking other costs out of the equation.

Via: Gizmodo

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