iPhone 3G Runs Android 2.2

Sergio Mcfly has managed to get Android 2.2 Froyo, the Google [GOOG] operating system, to run on his iPhone 3G. The version installed is unlocked and allows Sergio to make calls over the T-Mobile network as well as use 3G data services.

The iPhone 3G runs ultrasn0w that allows Android Froyo to be installed as detailed below…

‘Wohooooo!! For the first time I’ve got my 3G ultrasn0w running Android Froyo UNLOCKED!. Many thanks to bluerise to make this possible. He just ported the ultasn0w into the new OpeniBoot. It took a long time to me to figure out and embed into the IPHODROID. Now, its time to make labs with 2G phone but Im in a rush to put this new release in the air and feel the people so happy to making calls everywhere

It’s quite a good move although what he doesn’t mention is what does or doesn’t work other than data and voice calls over the 3G network. Hopefully it isn’t too buggy and doesn’t empty the battery with in an hour like previous attempts at running Android on an iPhone.

Via: Geeky Gadgets and iPhodroid

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