iPhone 3G iOS 4 Slow Speed Fix Incoming Soon

Steve Jobs has replied to an email about the iPhone 3G running slow when installing iOS 4.X.

A number of users have reported issues that cause the iPhone 3G to slow right down making it quite unresponsive to use. With there being no official way back to iOS 3.X when the iOS 4.X update is done, it’s left a number of people unhappy with Apple [AAPL].

One user sent in an email to Steve Jobs saying…

I’ve waited patiently through 4.0.1 and 4.0.2, looking for a fix that will make my phone work again. I’ve read the forums that advise me to jailbreak my phone or use some other method so I can downgrade back to a version of iPhone 3, however I’m not prepared to use a method that is not supported by Apple.

The response was short and to the point…

Software update coming soon.

A number of developers have noted that iOS 4.1 beta 2 (I believe) and beta 3 make the iPhone 3G run faster. Lets hope iOS 4.1 is launched soon and that all those effected by the issue can finally have a 3G that runs at the normal speed again.

There’s a few things to note with Steve Jobs reply… first off is that it “might” not be a reply as some people have been known to make up replies for some reason in the past.

Secondly, he might not be speaking specifically about iOS 4.1 although it seems probably that he is.

The parody video below indicates the kinds of problems users have been seeing.

Via: MacRumors


  1. Parody?? Hardly.

    “This. Is my life.”

  2. Disabling the spotlight search has help my phone a bit….

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