iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 Now Available

iphone-os-3-0-v3Apple have just released the third version of the iPhone 3.0 beta software. Changes noticed so far are speed increases, Spotlight search saves and MMS changes for those on German networks.

The next gen iPhone is rumoured to be launched on June 8th at WWDC. It seems like Apple are really wanting to get the OS 3.0 just right in time for this as 3 releases have come quite quickly so far.

Will you be getting a new iPhone if launched? Let us know your thoughts and also if you have used the 3.0 beta on your current iPhone… what are your thoughts on that?


  1. I was having trouble getting added to a developers account until i found the website i linked to my name, they sent me step by step directions and had me up and running in 5 minutes, i would recommend them to anyone, just my 2 cents

  2. i have 3.0 beta 3 running perfectly on my iphone…i think its much better and way less buggy than than the second beta (7A259g)…its jailbroken with quickpwn 3 and i have cracked apps running perfectly on it… =D

  3. how did you get cracked apps running on beta 3? i can’t get it

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