iPhone 3 Rumour Round-up

Over the last few months there have been a bunch of rumours around the internet about a possible (and probable) iPhone 3 that will be introduced at WWDC next week.

Rumours have mentioned an upgraded camera, front camera for video calls, relocated higher speaker, ability to send recorded videos, video uploading direct to Youtube, OLED screen, faster wi-fi and 3G speeds, HD Video support, improved battery life with % indicator, digital compass, Nike+ support, matt rubber backing, Adobe Flash support, 32GB of storage and improved RAM. The image above shows a few more and the colour coding represents the probability with green being a very likely down to orange being less likely.

It’s an interesting round-up and could well remove any surprises from next weeks official announcement if everything rumoured actually comes out. We can only wait and see 🙂

Full image available at TGRBlog.

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