iPhoDroid Brings Android to iPhone with 1 Click

iPhoDroid is a project that puts the Android operating system by Google [GOOG] on to the iPhone from Apple [AAPL].

The iPhoDroid software transfers all the necessary files to your iPhone whilst keep iOS in tact so you can switch between operating systems.

Despite all the labs and developments of this Project, everything still running unfinished. So I decided to give you a little taste throughout my application which now supports Install and Uninstall process.

Note that all this is still unfinished although it can be installed if you want to take that risk on perhaps an older iPhone that you don’t use any more.

Full details on what is available can be found over at the iPhoDroid website.

A quick demonstration of how it all works can be found below on the embedded video…

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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