iPad Video Calls Spotted on Debug Screen

The iPad 2 when launched next year, is expected to have a couple of cameras installed. One of which will be used for FaceTime calling.

This rumour has been further strengthened by the image above which shows a video call debug screen running on the current iPad.

There isn’t much else on the extreme closeup of the debug screen, but we are inclined to believe that Apple [AAPL] will introduce a couple of cameras to the iPad for a few reasons. First off, the iPad is now behind the iPhone 4 and iPod touch in terms of some technology such as the lack of cameras, FaceTime calls and the Retina display and secondly, it makes sense as the competitors that are launching tablets have included cameras in most models.

Apple will more than likely introduce the iPad around March next year with these new features.

Via: 9 to 5 Mac

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