iPad Sets Record for Fastest Adoption Rate

When Apple [AAPL] first announced the iPad, a number of people said it would fail. However, the iPad has now launched and sales figures show that it was far away from being a failure in that 3.27 million were sold within the first three months of it going on sale.

It took just 28 days to sell the first million. Comparing this number to the original iPhone that took 74 days to sell 1 million, you get the impression that the adoption rate is high.

One analyst says that the iPad has the fastest adoption rate ever although this is based on some estimations.

Actual sales numbers will be revealed on October 18 when Apple holds its quarterly earnings call.

McGranahan has arrived at the conclusion that the iPad is the fastest selling non-phone electronic product ever, and is on pace to pass game consoles and basic cell phones to become the fourth-largest consumer product category in the U.S. next year. He sees iPad sales of more than $9 billion in 2011, leaving it only smaller than the markets for TVs, smartphones and notebook computers.

Via: Gaj-it and Apple Insider

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