iPad Rotate Lock Switch Restored by NoMute App – Requires Jailbreak

When Apple [AAPL] released iOS 4.2.1 on Monday, as expected, the screen orientation lock switch was changed to a mute switch. To stop the screen rotating now requires that you double tab the home button, swipe to the side and tap a virtual button in the dock.

For some this is just fine and they are happy to do this, but the general consensus seems to indicate that people are a tad upset with this option. For those who don’t mind jailbreaking their iPad, there is a solution.

A new app called NoMute has been pushed out on Cydia. Once installed the app restores the function of the rotate lock switch allowing you to be happy again. It’s just a shame that iPad users have to resort to jailbreaking to have their iPad as they want it!

Via: 9to5Mac


  1. No need for this app. Just dubble-click your home-button. Then jou’ll see see some apps at the bottom of your screen; swipe to the left and at the left side you see a button to lock rotation. Press it and it is locked.

  2. LOL WIM – Did you not read the article at all??

  3. The ability to quickly lock the iPad’s screen rotation was one of Apples major selling points. I cannot understand why Apple would delete such an important feature. It seems to me that apple enjoys scr*wing over it’s early adopters with each software update it releases. I ordered my iPad on the first day of pore-orders and had planned to upgrade when iPad 2 ccame out but unless Apple makes the hardware switch either a screen lock switch again or gives user’s a choice then I will be sticking to my current iPad and I certainly won’t be upgrading to ios 4 I made that mistake once with my iPhone and won’t make the same mistake twice.

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