iPad Data Cost Comparison Shows Data Prices Across the Globe

It’s a common thing to check on how much one country pays for an expensive gadget when compared to another such as the different between a US and UK price of the iPad from Apple [AAPL]. What we haven’t seen before is an iPad data cost comparison that shows how much each country pays in terms of per gigabyte of data.

Tableau has created an interactive chart that shows exactly what you can expect to pay in the country you are using an iPad. At the top of the list is France where Orange network users can expect to pay $25.47 per gigabyte of data. Other countries in the top section of the list include Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The US isn’t too far behind the top of the list with prices at $12.50/gigabyte of data.

For the top five expensive locations, each either has just the one network offering the iPad data plans, or has more than one in the top five.

The UK comes in at $7.80 on the O2 network. Out of all the main UK networks, O2 is the most expensive with Three being the cheapest at just $2.34/GB.

Check out the chart below to see how much you will be paying when compared to other countries. For those who have the option of a few networks such as the UK, you need to take in to consideration network coverage in your area. It’s all well and good going for the cheapest plan, but if you have no signal then what’s the point in going for it? Also figure out how much data you need. It’s all well and good saying your network offers 5GB of data, but if you don’t use that much you could opt for a plan on another network that still works out a little cheaper.

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Via: Wired


  1. In South Africa, on the Vodacom network, it’s R189 per 600mb making it R315 per Gb (Prepaid)
    At current ZAR/USD exchange rate:
    1 ZAR = 0.137127 USD
    1 USD = 7.29252 ZAR
    that makes it
    43.19 USD per Gb
    Just a heads up

    I would LOVE to pay a measly $25.47 per Gb here!

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