More iPad Camera Rumors Hint It’ll Get iPod Touch Camera

Some digging around the latest SDK from Apple has revealed that the iPad 2 might get a camera similar, if not the same, as the current generation iPod touch. This means it will be somewhere in the region of 0.7 to 1 Megapixels. This is referring to the camera on the back of the iPad. As for the iPad camera on the front, expect it to be of VGA quality.

The information in the SDK was listed under the name of K94 which 9to5Mac have been told is a codename for the iPad 2.

As well as finding a K94 in the SDK, K95 was also referenced which is believed to be the 3G version of the iPad 2. It isn’t clear at the moment why Apple is opting for such a low resolution camera on the iPad 2. Speculations hint at a smaller camera being used so that the edges can taper off to thin it out a little, much like the similar iPad.

The images below show both references to the K94 and K95 along with details of some apps being made available for them such as the Camera app, FaceTime and PhotoBooth.

Expect to hear more in the next couple of weeks when we believe the next gen iPad will be launched.

Via: Coated

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