iPad Battery Extender Case with Kickstand

If the 10+ hour battery life of the Apple iPad isn’t enough for you then perhaps this Kensington iPad battery extender case could work for you.

The Kensington PowerBack will add about another 5 hours on to the battery life of your iPad allowing it to run for a total of 15 or so hours between charges. The case also brings a microUSB connector to the iPad allowing you to charge it with a regular USB cable rather than the USB Apple sync cable.

Other features include a kick back stand that allows you to stand the iPad up. The stand is a 3-way variant that allows it to hold the iPad in vertical and landscape modes if needed, perhaps ideal for those with an external keyboard.

Price wise, Kensington have set the tag at $129 which seems quite steep although considering you get the 3 way stand and an extra 5 hours of battery life, this could justify the price.

The extender case wraps around the bottom of the iPad which would prevent sound coming from the speakers correctly. However, Kensington have thought of this and managed to put some speaker deflectors in that push the sound out of the case.

Overall it’s quite an impressive case and well worth looking at if you need the features as described above.

Via: CrunchGear

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