iPad gets Autodesk Fluid FX App

Autodesk is releasing a new app tomorrow for the iPad and iPhone called Fluid FX. The new app is based around Autodesk Maya that is used in films to create visual effects on screen. The app isn’t an exact clone of Maya as the desktop is obviously a lot more powerful, but Autodesk have got it to function quite well from what we see on the video (embedded below).

The application it’s self provides a way for you to easily manipulate photographs in a fluid type motion. It allows you to easily stretch a face around, change the shape of an object at the same time as keeping the textures looking right.

The apps on both the iPad and iPhone can detect up to 10 multi-touch inputs making the app easy and powerful to work with.

The app is launching tomorrow and when launched, will cost $1.99. It isn’t clear if the iPad and iPhone version are combined in the one app, or if a different price point will be revealed for the iPad.

Via: TechCrunch


  1. Will Burns says

    WOW a bit trippy don’t you think. Best used after using if you know what I mean. 🙂

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