iPad 3 Release Date Expected to be March 16

We’ll find out for sure later on today, but rumours are hinting that the iPad 3 will be going on sale on March 16 (next Friday). The length between announcing the iPad 3 (which is later today) and when it will go on sale about match the iPad 2 launch last year. What isn’t clear at the moment is what countries it will launch in. Typically the iPad launches in the US and is followed a few weeks later with several other countries. Apple might be working on a more unified launch this year.

There’s just over 6 hours to go for the official announcement to kick off where all the rumours will finally be confirmed or laughed at. Either way, expect an iPad 3 (or whatever it’s called) along with the Retina display, more RAM, faster CPU and an almost the same form factor.


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