iPad 3 QXGA Display Tipped for Next Year

When Apple announced the iPad 3, it is expected that the next generation tablet will get a higher resolution screen. Although Apple is likely to keep the 9.7 inch screen size, reports are suggesting that the new device will have a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels.

CNET reports that production of the 9.7 inch higher resolution display has started and that three companies are building them. These are Samsung, Sharp and LGD. It is believed that three suppliers are being used due to the complexity of making an IPS display with that resolution. By adding extra manufacturers it should allow Apple to reach the target they have.

It is expected that the screens will be build beginning December and will begin to ship January with volume ramping up in February and March ready for the usual April launch.

As well as a higher resolution display Apple is also supposedly looking at a smaller 7.85 inch tablet device that will arrive late 2012. This is unlikely though as Apple tends to stick to the same 3.5 inch for iPhone and 9.7 inch for iPad displays to keep the experience the same across generations.

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