iPad 3, iPad 2S or iPad HD – Who Knows?

More rumours continue to be created about the next generation iPad. Most believe it will be called the iPad 3 although some still expect an iPad 2S and some are now hinting that it will be called the iPad HD.

Lets start with each of the names. The iPad 2S is believed to be the name because it will be a “minor” upgrade to the iPad 2 and will simply follow along with the 3G/3GS, 4/4S naming conventions used on the iPhone. The problem with this is that the next gen iPad is believed to have a Retina display, faster processor, better cameras and a slightly new design. It doesn’t seem to suit a 2S name which would only indicate a faster CPU and better cameras.

The iPad HD is now rumoured, obviously because of the higher definition screen which is expected to show 2048×1536 pixels. This name has been put out there by Belkin and Griffin who make accessories for mobile devices. This could happen although Apple does have a history of sticking with numbers in the generations, so again, we think it wont be called this.

On to the iPad 3… this one makes more sense as Apple is releasing quite a major update to the iPad series. New cameras, possibly HD on the front for FaceTime HD calls as well as the Retina display, possible A6 processor and Siri support, we expect for these reasons that it will be called the iPad 3.

Find out more on Wednesday 7th March.


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