iPad 3 Could Be Slightly More Expensive

Some rumours today are hinting that the iPad 3 could be going up in price. The reason is believed to be related to the retina display which will likely cost more to manufacture.

It appears that the iPad 3 has an entry price of $579 for the 16GB Wifi model which is $80 more than the equivalent iPad 2 version.

Its still early days though and another 8 days for the rumoured announcement on March 7th. Although I would expect the price to stay the same, I don’t think it will effect sales at all as many will be willing to pay even more for an iPad just to get their hands on one.

A quick explanation of the image below:

The iPad 2 column shows iPad 2 prices in US dollars. The next column… iPad 3 is what is believed to be the price of the iPad 3 (unconfirmed of course). The final column is the RMB price calculated on the exchange rate.


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