iPad 3 Could be Built by Pegatron

The next Apple tablet, the iPad 3, will be built by Pegatron. Up till now, Foxconn has been responsible for building both the 1st and second generation models. The report tells us that Pegatron underbid the owners of Foxconn (Hon Hai) in order to win the contract.

We also lean that Pegatron will also be building about 15 million iPhone 5 units ready for launch which indicates that Apple is moving to more manufactures to put the devices together. Perhaps this is for stocking purposes to allow Apple to ship more at launch, or it could be for security meaning that they have more than just Foxconn to work with.

As for the parts for the iPad 3 and iPhone 5, it is expected that Apple will continue to use the same group of suppliers.

The iPad 3 has been rumoured to be arriving later this year around November and has been described as an iPad 2 HD which will have a higher resolution screen and a few other tweaks. We expect Apple will stick with the yearly cycle though with the iPad 3 and therefore release it late Q1 2012 or early Q2 2012.


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