iPad 3 Case from Best Buy Pictured

PhoneArena has reported that Best Buy has a stockpile of thousands of cases for the iPad 3 which are ready for launch on Wednesday following the announcement. What we don’t know at the moment is if Targus, who created the iPad 3 case, have built it on official dimensions and specs or if they are just guessing based on internet rumours of the iPad 3 being marginally thicker.

The actual case is a Targus Versavu 360 and is slightly modified when compared to the previous generation case for the iPad 2.

Apple will be announcing the iPad 3 this Wednesday and we expect it to go on sale within a few weeks after that. As for Targus getting it right, we hope Best Buy made a good choice in buying and stocking the cases as the odd mm out could mean a case that doesn’t fit at all.

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