US iPad 2 Shipping Dates Now 4 – 5 Weeks

Apple yet again saw success over the weekend with iPad 2 sales and due to this, there are now some significant delays for those buying any of the models on line.

Currently there are 18 different iPad 2 variations available and every single one of them is now has a shipping date of 4 – 5 weeks.

When this happened last year, the unexpected amount of sales led to delays over in the UK and other countries pushing the end of April 2010 launch to end of May 2010. This might not be the case with the iPad 2 for those countries getting it on March 25 as Apple may have already taken this in to consideration. However, we are yet to see prices in the UK which hints that there could be delays again.

For those wanting an iPad 2 sooner, rather than later, it might be wise to call your local Apple store and see if they have any models in stock.

The actual amount of iPad 2 units sold is unknown at the moment although Apple will announce it at a later date to let us know how quick it reached the 1 Million user mark as well as how many of those were new customers rather than previous iPad 1st gen owners.


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