iPad 2 Screen Resolution Could be 2048×1536

A lot of questions have been asked about what screen resolution the iPad 2 will have. Some suggested a Retina Display whilst others pointed out a Retina Display pixel density would put the resolution at 2560×1440 AKA, the same as a 27 inch iMac.

Thanks to some investigations done by StroughtonSmith, some images were found that were labeled [email protected]. Just before the launch of the iPhone 4, similar images were found that were called [email protected] which ended up resulting in a screen with a 2x resolution (on both edges).

This leads a number of people to thinking that the next gen iPad, AKA iPad 2, will have a 2048×1536 resolution. Although this might not technically be a “Retina Display” as it doesn’t quite hit the 300PPI mark, it does get close at 260PPI.

About it being classed as a Retina Display, MacRumors users have said the following…

Several commenters note that the “Retina” definition is based on a specific distance the device is being held from your eye. Since an iPad display would likely be held farther from your face, it would require a lower DPI to achieve the same effect.

What are your thoughts? It would certainly add something new to the next gen iPad.


  1. Daniel Moran says

    Along with a Retina Display they need to add a camera. Maybe even two a front and back facing camera like in all other of their products. I think that would make iPad2 a bigger hit.

  2. Yes, a camera on front and back would be very nice.

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