iPad 2 Radio Teardown

We’ve already seen the insides of the iPad 2 and now, iFixit has gone more in to detail with the radios to see what differences there are between the WiFi only, CDMA and GSM models.

What you are looking at above is three versions of the iPad 2 headphone jack. You’ll notice that the top two are the same, but the bottom one houses a microSIM slot (meaning it’s the GSM model).

What you see below is another comparison of the iPad 2 main boards. Each looks identical on the right of the board, but you’ll notice the top one uses a Toshiba chip on the left while the other two use Samsung. Also, you’ll notice that the bottom two are the CDMA and GSM versions and each has an extra attachment on the end which houses all the necessary chips to make the communications work.

If you want full details of what each chip does, along with more pictures that look at the chips in more details, check out the iFixit site.

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