iPad 2 Goes in to Production – Cameras Included

Apple has given the go ahead for the iPad 2 to go in to production. This is according to the WSJ who reported that the second generation tablet device would have a front facing camera allowing video calls to be made.

We also hear more confirmations that the screen will not be a higher resolution. Earlier reports have been swayed both ways with some saying the screen will be retina and others saying it will be the same but thinner with a thinner bezel around the edge. This report from the WSJ hints at it not getting a retina display this time around although this could happen on the iPad 3.

Expect the iPad 2 to be announced within the next 4 to 6 weeks with a potential launch date within the next two months, perhaps early in April which will be a year on from the original iPad launch in 2010.

Some interesting bits of information to point out from the WSJ is that this device will be made compatible with GSM and CDMA networks allowing Verizon to also sell the iPad. Of course, those countries that use the 3G model now will be able to carry on as it’s still GSM compatible. As for T-Mobile and Sprint, it appears that they will still not be getting a version compatible just yet.

Via: Mashable

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