iPad 2 Price Drops at Some Retailers in Preparation for the iPad 3

With the iPad 3 invitation landing in a number of mailboxes around the world yesterday, it is clear that Apple will be launching an iPad 3 within the next few weeks. With that in mind, retailers are now beginning to drop the price of the iPad 2 in anticipation of the next generation model coming out.

Although Apple hasn’t announced a release date for the new iPad, we do know that the event to announce it will be a week today on March 7. As such, retailers such as RadioShack and others in the US are now dropping the price of the iPad 2 by $20 to $50 depending on which model you choose.

One example is the 16GB WiFi model which has dropped by $20 to try tempt buyers to deplete the remaining stock. Other models have received a $50 price cut.

Best Buy price drops are being listed as “temporary” although RadioShack appears to be making its price drops permanent.

As the Verge points out, and we concur, we urge you to wait a little longer to see what is included in the iPad 3. Also, when the iPad 3 officially launches, various retailers will likely drop the price even more as the iPad 1 dropped quite a bit more than that when the iPad 2 launched. You could expect to save around $100 dollars if buying the second gen model after the iPad 3 launches.

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