iPad 2 Gets Dual Stripe Wood Case

Although you might quite like the iPad Smart Cover, you probably can’t help but get worried that the back of the device will get scuffed and marked. What you want is an ARTISAN Dual Stripe Wood Case for your new tablet to keep it protected from bumps and scrapes.

The wood cases are handcrafted and designed specifically for the iPad 2. They come in walnut, leopartwood, maple and wenge and provide a lot more protection for your new tablet.

Wood Case for iPad 2 Features:

-Dual curved stripes in Leopardwood, Maple and Wenge
-lid with integrated wood hinge
-microsuede lining of lid and base
-lid turns iPad screen on/off when open or closed
-wood latches with rare earth magnets
-functions as a stand for iPad in both vertical and horizontal orientations
-access to headphone jack or dock connector when lid is open
-typing stand for tabletop use built in

Due to each of the cases being hand crafted, expect a wait time of about 4 to 6 weeks.

A few different versions are available, each listed on the Substrata website. The model pictures here is the Dual Stripe version. The site also lists the single stripe and plain case each with a price tag of $195 for the regular, $225 for the single and $265 for the Dual Stripe model.

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