iPad 2 Coming Orange and T-Mobile UK

Everything Everywhere, AKA Orange and T-Mobile in the UK, has announced on Twitter that they will be selling the iPad 2 when it launches later this month. If the company follows along with the official release date, we should see subsidized versions landing on March 25 in the UK.

No details of pricing have been revealed yet, partly because Apple [AAPL] hasn’t released UK pricing just yet. We expect that the new tablet will be priced similarly to what the original iPad was which was £199 with a two year contract.

The iPad 2 coming to Orange and T-Mobile was probably the reason why the original iPad also dropped in price on the network in the last few weeks.

Everything Everywhere was formed in 2010 and combined the T-Mobile and Orange networks together. At the moment, users can roam between networks although 3G is still not available on the other network, ie: if you are on T-Mobile and your phone switches to the Orange network then 3G wont work. Everything Everywhere has commented that they expect roaming to be seamless sometime in the near future which makes them quite a good player when it comes to network coverage. The other thing to hold off on is pricing to make sure you get a good deal.

We’ll get all the details as soon as Everything Everywhere announces them.

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