iPad 2 and CDMA iPhone Spotted in iOS Code

We already know that Apple [AAPL] will be working on an iPad 2 as well as a CDMA iPhone. We have seen details before showing this and mixed with a bit of logic, it’s kind of obvious that they would be testing it.

However, we still like to see when more evidence is uncovered. The latest evidence confirms that new Apple devices are being tested out. The first bit of code looks to be related to a CDMA iPhone which is more than likely a Verizon iPhone. The next bit of code is related to an iPad 2.

The reasons for believing this is that the code found has a way for the devices to bypass the iTunes activation sequence. This is a common thing to happen when Apple tests out new phones and devices such as the Verizon [VZ] iPhone and iPad 2.

We are still not certain of when the iPhone for Verizon will launch, but we have seen evidence showing it could be January this year. What we don’t believe is that it will change much from the current iPhone 4. We also do not know when the iPad 2 will launch, but we suspect that a yearly cycle will be used and make it made available in April 2011.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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