iPad 2 Could Get Carbon Fiber Back

Trademark details indicate that Apple [AAPL] could be using Carbon Fiber for the back cover of the iPad 2. What this would do is make the iPad 2 both strong and lighter than the original iPad.

The patent provides details of a unibody setup with a back panel that appears to be just about the right shape and fit for an iPad.

Problems that could arise with using Carbon Fiber relate to the problem of Carbon Fiber cracking if twisted in a certain way. Apple could get around this by layering the carbon fiber in different directions to strengthen the structure.

Gizmodo points out that since the patent was filed (last year) that Apple has actually purchased Liquid Metal. Liquid Metal could be an other option going forwards which would make the iPad a little more light weight and would add the necessary strength needed to the product.

We expect to hear more early next year when an announcement is made about iPad 2.

Via: AppleInsider

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